5 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Enrol in a Personal Trainer Course in Manchester!

There’s a reason that celebrity fitness trainers have a large amount of followers on Instagram – they’re the best in the business. With their healthy colourful meals, fitness tips and motivational quotes, you know that you’re following someone who you can trust and who will inspire you on a daily basis.

We’ve rounded up the best celebrity fitness trainers on Instagram who will inspire to take that personal trainer course in Manchester that you’ve always dreamed about…


Name: Gunnar Peterson
Handle: @gunnarfitness)
Followers: 183k

With over 180 thousand followers, Gunnar Peterson’s  Instagram has a very impressive following. With the Kardashians being clients of his, I think it’s fair to say that it knows what he is talking about.   He is known for training celebrities and athletes and his feed his full of exercise tips, training sessions, delicious meals and now and then his dogs make an appearance.  Gunnar’s feed will most definitely inspire to take control and get your personal training certification, Bury.


Name: Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach
Handle: @thebodycoach
Followers: Over 1 million

Joe Wicks is the guy to follow on Instagram if you want to get inspired to enrol on a personal trainer course in Manchester.  What started as funny healthy cooking videos, ended in stardom for Joe as he started racking up the followers and getting his name out there in the health and fitness world. Due to this success, he has recently published his first book ‘Lean in 15’. His Instagram is still full of fun, but healthy cooking videos, delicious looking food, fitness tips and body transformations. It will certainly get your inspired. 


Name: Jeanette Jenkins
Handle: @msjeanettejenkins
Followers: 330k

Known as the ‘Hollywood Trainer’ this lady definitely has some pretty well known clients.  She has recently collaborated with Kelly Rowland to make their own fitness video, but other clients consist of big names such as P!nk, Alicia Keys, LL Cool J and Queen Latifah. With over 330k Instagram followers, there’s a reason that she’s so popular and is an inspiration to many.  Jeanette’s Instagram is full of amazing 30 day challengers, motivational quotes and video work outs. 

If there’s one lady that will inspire you to get your personal training certification in Bury, then it’s this one.



Name: Tracey Anderson
Handle: @traceyandersonmethod
Followers: 216k

With her celebrity clients consisting of Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and Kirsten Dunst, it’s fair to say that you’re in safe hands with this one. For more than 15 years, Tracey has been transforming the bodies of thousands of people, all the advice, tips and tricks she has given them over years she has recently created into an exercise program. Follow her for high energy workout routines, inspirational quotes and new product releases.


Name: Tony Horton
Handle: @tonyshorton
Followers: 124k

Fitness trainer Tony may be best known for being the creator of the popular extreme fitness  program p90x. It consists of lots of workouts, based on the idea that all you need is 30 minutes of exercise a day and you will lose weight, tone up, become fitter and add muscle.  He has also trained celebs such as Bruce Springsteen, Usher and Annie Lennox. His Instagram is full of quotes said by himself (see image below!) healthy food and workout tips! 



So there you have it, 5 Celebrity Fitness Trainers that you need to follow on Instagram this Summer. All full of motivational quotes, fitness tips, videos and healthy recipes they will certainly inspire you to enrol on Aspire’s Personal Fitness Course in Manchester. Aspire deliver personal training courses that provide you with the tools to begin your career in the health and fitness  industry and will get you qualified with the right skills and knowledge for your dream career. 

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