Didn’t Get the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in Manchester You Were Hoping For? Here Are Our Top Tips to Deal with Job Rejection

It’s a position that we’ve all been in at one point, we didn’t get a job that we were hoping for. However disappointing it may seem at the time, it’s important to remain optimistic, take the positives you can from the interview and get back on apprenticeship job search! Don’t lose hope; the perfect Lancashire apprenticeships are right around the corner. Here are a few things to remember to help keep your spirits high during your job search…



An important thing to remember is that job rejection is not personal! Although you might feel like it is at the time, there are a variety of factors that could play a part on why you didn’t get chosen for this particular role.  It’s not about what you have, but also what other people have. There could be hundreds of other applicants applying for the same Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in Manchester as you; therefore you will be up against lots of competition for the one role.  It’s all part of the process and you might not land every job that you have applied for. There’s only one job position available, therefore do not feel disheartened if you get it. 



It’s good to get feedback on your interview or job application, but do not dwell on it. Once you’ve received the feedback, take the constructive criticism with you towards your next interview or when you are filling out your next application form. Think positively! It’s best to leave rejections in the past and focus on the present. Learn from your experiences and keep reminding yourself that job rejection is a natural part of everyday life.  Approach every job opportunity with a fresh perspective and don’t lose confidence in yourself -your dream job could be just around the corner, so do not give up!



If you have recently attended an interview with an employer, it will be easy to gain feedback. Find out what you can improve on and apply to your next interview – you could learn a lot from asking a simple question. It will make you a stronger candidate for the future. 



Rejection can happen to everyone at one point or another.  Everyday countless individuals get rejected from job opportunities and are sharing the same experience as you. Therefore, feel safe in the fact that you are not alone and focus on the next opportunity! 



It’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket when applying for Lancashire apprenticeships.  You have to keep your options open, as not everything will work out like you hope. Keep filling out application forms, handing out CV’s and attending interviews for Digital Marketing apprenticeships in Manchester, the more you attend, the higher chance you have of getting hired. Not having a Plan B may leave you feeling disappointed or disheartened; therefore it’s best to have lots of options! 


Don’t worry, there are plenty more Lancashire Apprenticeships that you can apply for! 

However, your application for the digital marketing apprenticeship in Manchester went, take it as a positive experience!  It’s a tough market and thousands of people get rejected from jobs they have applied for on a daily basis. Rejection is not easy, but it’s important to learn from it, listen to the feedback and apply it to your next applications and interviews.

Aspire Education currently have various Lancashire apprenticeships available, your perfect opportunity might be just around the corner. 


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