First Aid Training in Manchester: Is Your Workplace Up To Date With the Regulations?


As an employer it is vital that you do everything you can to look after your staff and yourself. Providing immediate and effective first aid to those who may have become injured or ill in the workplace could save lives, therefore you need to be up to date with first aid regulations.

Aspire offer various training and courses to skill your workforce, ensuring that your staff meet the minimum operating standards and are up to date on the current regulations. Our candidates will develop appropriate knowledge about what to do if a situation arises. Health and safety at work in Bury is of vital importance, therefore having the correct First Aid training is a must.

Let’s take it back to the basics.

Why are first aid arrangements needed?

Just like anywhere else, you could suffer from an injury or become ill at work. As an employer, whether the injury or illness is caused by work or not, it is important that the individual receives attention and the appropriate first aid. The health and Safety (First Aid) regulation 1981 state that employers must provide adequate and appropriate equipment and enough trained first aiders to help injured or ill staff.

What’s an appointed person?

The appointed person is an individual who is required to take charge if an emergency situation occurs, including calling an ambulance if required and they will also look after the first aid equipment. 

What is a first aider?

This is an individual who has had relevant first aid training in Manchester, hold a current first aid certificate and has been appointed the appropriate person to carry out any first aid emergencies that there might be in the work place.   

So what’s the difference between an appointed person and a first aider?

An appointed person have not received fully relevant first aid training in Manchester, therefore should not attempt to give any first aid that they have not been trained on. The appointed person should be available at all times for people at work. They are there for when any situation arises; however do not hold as many powers as a first aider. If you’re a company that is at lower risk of injury at work, than an appointed person may be all you need.

How many first aiders / appointed people do I need in the work place?

The answer to this question depends on the type of business you are and how big your company is. For example, if you’re company can be deemed ‘hazardness’ and at a high risk for injury i.e. construction, then significantly more first aiders will be needed.  Here’s a little table to help you out…

Category of Hazardness

No. of Employees

No. of First Aiders Needed

Low hazard Risk
Shops, libraries, offices etc.

Fewer than 50
More than 100

At least 1 appointed person
At least 1 first aider
1 additional first aider for every 100 employed

Medium hazards risk
food processing, warehouses, light engineering

Fewer than 20
More than 100

At least 1 appointed person
At least 1 first aider for every 100
1 additional first aider for every 100 employed

High Hazard Risk

Fewer than 5

5 – 50
More than 50

At least 1 appointed person
At least 1 first aider
1 additional first aider for every 50 employed.


This table is just a suggestive outline. In special circumstances the requirements for first aiders or an appointed person may be different; therefore it’s vital you are up to speed with all health and safety at work in Bury.

What do I need in a first aid box?

There is no official mandatory list that you need to put in a first aid box. Once again it may depend on your place of work and the risks you may be vulnerable to. Once you have assessed your business and the risks that you may exposed to, then you will have a better understanding of the items that should be in your first aid box. However, it would be a good idea to start with the basics.

Where can I learn more about health and safety at work in Bury?

Well, this answer is easy. Aspire is here to help with all of your health and safety needs.  We offer First Aid training in Manchester and the North West to help you meet the regulations that are vital for your work place. Our courses involve First Aid annual update, Level 1 and 2 health and safety courses and qualification centred around your specific place of work e.g. retail and manufacturing.  Any first aid training needed in Manchester? We’ve got you. Visit Aspire Education today. 

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