Five Common Myths About Manchester Apprenticeships

So you’ve completed your exams and it’s now time to start thinking your next step.  With various options available for you after school, from University to apprenticeships, it’s difficult to know what the best step is for you.  Today we’re going to crack down on some of the myths surrounding Manchester Apprenticeships and let you know why apprenticeships could be the route for you…


MYTH 1: They’re badly paid.

It’s a common myth that Business Apprenticeships, Manchester are badly paid, therefore are not a secure option for many people. In fact, this is not the case.  Some of the apprenticeship currently available on our website can earn you up to £200 per week!  The wages vary for Manchester apprenticeships, but here is a guideline that employers will pay you depending you age. 


25 and over

21 – 24


Under 18


Current rate






This is the minimum and employers may actually pay you more. They may also cover expenses, such as travel therefore, it is worth asking what your apprenticeship package is as it might be worth more than you think!

Remember, you won’t be coming out with debt like university students either!

MYTH 2: They’re not for top students.

Apprenticeships are not a second rate option for school leavers. Apprenticeships have great career prospects and are for the students that want to enter the world of work straight away and build up their skills and experience.

You shouldn’t feel obliged to enrol in university just because that is the route that is expected from you. University isn’t the right choice for everyone. Apprenticeships can offer various opportunities in several different sectors and many allow you to gain a qualification at the end of too. Don’t rule them out! 


MYTH 3: University has better career prospects.

It is a common misconception that people with degrees are in a much stronger position when seeking entry-level positions, but it’s simply not true. As more individuals decided to take the university route, there’s more competition. The increase in graduates and decrease in graduate job opportunities means that there is a constant struggle for an employment.

When starting an apprenticeship, you are in employment and earning money with great career prospects straight away! An apprenticeship will put you in a perfect position to develop a career in something you feel passionate about; you will gain an understanding about how the company works and may even be offered a job when your apprenticeship scheme is finished.  The experience and skills you learn during Manchester apprenticeships are valuable and employers will acknowledge that! 


MYTH 4: Apprenticeships are only for young people leaving school.

It’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are for young people who are leaving secondary school and do not want to enrol in further education; however this is not the case. Most apprenticeships are available for people aged between 16 - 25, but there is no actual age limit. So if you fancy a career change, are looking for an apprenticeship when leaving school, or wondering what to do once you’ve finished university, then there are Manchester apprenticeships available to you. 

MYTH 5: Graduates earn more than apprentices.

Another popular myth is that graduates earn more than apprentices when it comes to entry level jobs. Apprentices earn money from day one, although it may seem a low wage at the beginning, it can increase over a period of time and if you gain employment from your apprenticeship, then you will be earning a full time wage. Graduates can start on a good wage, but that doesn’t erase the 3-4 years of debt they’ve accumulated! 


Now you know the truth about Manchester Apprenticeships, why not visit our website and apply for our Business Apprenticeships, Manchester! 

Aspire Education are an award winning post sixteen training provider with the aim to nurture talent, create meaningful opportunities and inspire people to reach their full potential. We currently have various Bury apprenticeships available, including our business apprenticeships, Manchester. Visit our vacancy page today for more information! 

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