Schools – Teaching Assistant & PE Teaching Assistant

Apprentice Teaching Assistants support children with their learning activities in the classroom and in physical education.

They work alongside teachers to ensure that pupils enjoy learning in a safe and engaging environment.

If you like working with children and want to play a part in their development and wellbeing, a career as a Teaching Assistant or PE Teaching Assistant could be for you. You will need the ability to work closely with parents and teachers and have a good grasp of literacy and numeracy as well as a creative mind for activities.

If being a PE Teaching Assistant interests you then you will need to have a keen interest in sport and have the ability to inspire pupils to take part in physical activity.

**Please note** School Apprenticeship vacancies are extremely popular and as such are highly competitive. Having some form of experience working or volunteering with young people can be highly advantageous although not essential.

Potential Duties

Teaching Assistant Apprentice

  • Getting the classroom ready for lessons
  • Listening to children read and guided reading
  • Provide extra support for children who need it
  • Helping Teachers to plan lessons
  • Support Teachers with managing class behaviour
  • Supervise and lead group activities

PE Teaching Apprentice

All of the above plus:

  • Lead extra-curricular activities
  • Manage sports teams
  • Assist PE lessons
  • Manage sports equipment
  • Organise tournaments and sports events

Teaching assistant apprenticeships with Aspire are a great foothold to fast track you to success.

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