School Business Manager


School Business Manager Programme

Overview of the Programme;

Standard: School Business Professional

Level: 4

Typical duration: 18 months

Delivery Method: Blended (Online/Workplace Visits)

Funding: £6000 (Funding Band 8)

Cost to the Employer: £600 (Mandatory 10% Contribution for non-levy employers. Fully Funded through the Apprenticeship Levy for Local Authority Maintained Schools) 

Entry requirements

Individual employers may set different requirements.


Apprentices without Level 2 English and Mathematics on entry must achieve this level before taking the end-point assessment. 

What apprentices will learn

  • Planning, organising and managing processes to ensure value for money for the school whilst supporting education delivery
  • Communicating appropriately and effectively with a range of stakeholders
  • Managing support services across an entire school whilst also providing guidance to colleagues on the most appropriate use of school funding
  • Managing strategies set by senior personnel and drafting budgets that reflect them

Occupation Profile

Administering and managing financial, site and support services within the school context. 

School Business Professionals (SBPs) perform a role which is unique to schools, administering and managing the financial, site and support services within the school context. They provide essential support to school leadership teams, implementing their financial and business decisions.

SBPs may work in any school phase (primary, secondary, special) and in different school structures: single academy trusts, multi academy trusts (MATs), local authority maintained schools and federations, etc. Consequently, they can work in very different settings with varying numbers of people that they report to including the headteacher or School Business Director (SBD). Within this context, SBPs have a shared number of roles which shape their day-to-day activity to make this a homogeneous role in schools. The role typically includes:

  • drafting and monitoring the school budget, setting up financial controls and reporting on performance to ensure best value for money is achieved; managing payroll, maintaining accounts and financial reporting to the headteacher and governors
  • management of the school site to ensure that it provides a safe and suitable learning environment; procurement of goods and services to achieve best value and oversee contract management, e.g. staff, catering and maintenance contracts
  • identification of income generation opportunities on a small scale, supporting the SBD in larger opportunities
  • preparation of marketing materials and lead a range of marketing activities to add value and promote the school externally
  • responsibility for managing office and other support staff and for developing and maintaining effective administrative systems, e.g. student record-keeping systems and implementation of school HR processes
  • ensuring compliance with and implementation of safeguarding and Health & Safety policies so that all stakeholders work in a safe and healthy

SBPs interact with all school stakeholders regularly to advise on and manage school business practices effectively. This requires them to understand educational issues as well as business management.

Their work is performed in the context of ensuring that public funds are used effectively. They must adhere to the principles of making the best use of school resources to enable all students to achieve their potential and to meet the aim of increasing social mobility for children and young people. SBPs must also understand that their role is of vital importance in relation to school governance and compliance. They must have a good understanding of educational policies and be able to implement change.

There are a range of job titles that this occupational profile relates to including a School Business Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Office Manager, School Administrator, Business Support Officer, Bursar, etc.

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