"I can highly recommend both the course and Aspire for anyone thinking about joining an apprenticeship and I am proof that you can do an apprenticeship at any age and in any field.   Thanks for making learning enjoyable." Nicola

"Feeling clever today - my Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business certificates arrived yesterday! I also got my functional skills (Maths, English, and ICT)  Never too old to learn Smile" Nicola

"So, I have just finished a three-week course in Banbury, and I wanted to say thank you so much to Chris Baguley and Aspire. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. 5 nationally recognized qualifications, but so much more than that. My confidence has improved vastly, I've met some amazing people, and I now feel I have the confidence and skills required to get a job. The course was tough but fun. I learned a lot, and had a laugh every day." Paul

"If you are given the opportunity to train with Aspire, please take it. I am in my first week and already I feel more confident. The work is fun, the trainer is down to earth, which makes it a more comfortable environment. I am loving this experience" Paul

 "Well, that 3 weeks went by way too fast for liking. Had a great time on the course and because of this, my confidence has improved a hell of a lot. Mark Blackburn and John Trowbridge were amazing tutors and I can honestly say that I am actually going to miss the pair of them as they made the sessions fun and they were a breath of fresh air from the tutors that I've had in the past" Claire

 "Great start to the 3-week course I'm taking in Banbury with Aspire education, our tutor Chris Baguley is fantastic has put us all at ease and he is making learning fun! Looking forward to completing and earning new qualifications to better myself for future job opportunities" Nat

"Just finished a 3-week course with aspire in Newquay, the tutors were lovely especially Danielle as she stayed behind to help me catch up as I got a job in the day which she did not have to do at all, lovely team and was made enjoyable. Great Experience x" Alice

"Course completed absolutely loved it and I'm devastated that's it's over, this has got to have been the best course I've ever been on, Chris Baguley is a top tutor! Well done Aspire what your delivering is an amazing opportunity to enhance educational skills for all of us out of work, it’s given us a fighting chance to secure employment! A massive thank you to you all!" Nat

 "Just to let you know I really enjoyed the concept of the course as it showed me new skills and gave me another NVQ but this time taking part in activities was something I have wanted to do. I really found Hari was such a great tutor, easy going and down to earth and explains any concepts if you don't understand them"

"Really great service - matched me to a fantastic opportunity and brought out skills I didn't know I had! Supportive tutors and great encouraging environment." - Laura

"Awesome tutors. Superb activity leader course can fully recommend" - Lee

Just to let you know I have just completed the Aspire course which ran for 3 weeks which was held in Aldershot with Tutor Hari, which was by far the best course I have done to date. 

Just to let you I really enjoyed the concept of the course as it showed me new skills and gave me an NVQ  in activity leadership, and lots of different skills that In which I think I can apply myself for the working life and everyday life. I really enjoyed everything about what we did on the Aspire course and now feel like a different person.

Going back to the course I really found Hari was such a great tutor easy going and he explains all aspects of the qualifications in great detail, he is a credit to you at Aspire
All team bonding exercises were really good as it gave us the chance to bond together as a team, I now feel my confidence has returned after such a hard time at work and at home with bullying and harassment. 
Now I have naturally made 10 new friends which I hope to stay in contact with for a long time.
I now feel I’m ready to test the skills I have learned on the Aspire course and prepare myself for interviews and work. 

Many Thanks

For a great opportunity and hopefully a new start!