Functional Skills: English Level 2

Do I need to complete Functional Skills Level 2?

If you are completing a Level 3 course, and you do not have a Grade C (Or equivalent) GCSE English qualification, then yes, you will need to complete Level 2 English. But do not worry, your tutor will help you and provide you with resources such as BKSB and practice tests to prepare you for your test.

What format is the test?

English Functional Skills consists of a 1-hour Reading test, a 1-hour Writing test and a short Speaking, Listening and Communication assessment. All Functional Skills tests are completed via an on-screen test on a laptop. You will be expected to achieve this qualification by the end of month 6 of your overall programme. The exact time and date for testing will be decided between yourself, your tutor and your employer at a point when you feel ready.

What topics are covered?

Topics included for English Functional Skills Level 2 include:

 ▪ Writing for and understanding different audiences and purposes

▪ Accuracy in spelling, punctuation, and grammar

▪ Critical reading to understand and summarise information and ideas

▪ Sentence structures (including simple and complex structures)

▪ Understand point of view, meaning and bias ▪ Planning and formatting writing 

What resources are available to help me prepare for the test?

BKSB is a complete revision system. By sitting a diagnostic test, you will be given learning resources, skill checks and scenarios specific to what you need to practice on. 

 If you are ever unsure of how to access resources or BKSB or would like support with a specific area, please speak to your tutor.

If you do not need to sit your Level 2 test, your Tutor will still encourage you to develop your English skills throughout your course to stretch and develop your existing skill set.

Ask your tutor for advice, guidance, and resources to help you prepare for your Functional Skills test.