How the Training is Delivered

Aspire deliver all of the training at your school

Every one of Aspire's learners is designated a Tutor-Assessor who is a specialist in their relative field. The normal procedure is for our Tutor to visit the school once per month to conduct what is called an Education Day.

On the first education day, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is agreed between the learner, the employer, and the assessor to ensure it meets everyone’s needs.

Following this initial meeting the assessor will visit monthly to complete work in the learner's portfolio, conduct assessments, observe the learner in action and also complete reviews with the learner and their line manager.

If you have a number of learners undertaking the same qualification then you will see the same tutor who will teach the learners at the same time. If you have a number of learners taking different qualifications then you may see a number of different tutors on separate days.

On occasion, we may ask to see the learner more than once a month depending upon which part of the qualification they are up to. This will only take place if school and learner have the capacity and will be pre-arranged accordingly to minimise any disruption.