7 Tips to Help You Apply For a Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship in Manchester

Applying for an apprenticeship can be daunting for many young people.  With a considerable amount of competition, it’s time to make your application stand out and be the best it can be. Thankfully, we are here to give you lots of helpful tips and tricks to help you bag the apprenticeship you’ve always dreamed of, whether you are looking for a teaching assistant apprenticeship in Manchester or in another field, here’s what you need to know...

#1 Proof read

Sloppy spelling mistakes or poor punctuation will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you are applying for a teaching assistant apprenticeship in Manchester, paying close attention to your spelling and grammar will show a good level of written communication and attention to detail. To help you, printing out your application on a piece of paper will make it easier to spot any mistakes or come back to your application a day later with a fresh mind.

#2 Adapt your application

You are bound to apply for various apprenticeships to increase your chances of gaining a placement, but creating one generic application can damage your chances of being invited to an interview. Vacancies and companies vary. Each vacancy you apply for will have different responsibilities and requirements; therefore it is important that each application is unique and creative.

#3 Research

Carrying on from the previous point, do your research! You need to know what you are applying for and why this company is the company that you want to work for. Visit their website and social media accounts and research, research, research! Adapt your application to what you have found out about the company, their values, their goals and why you would be a great addition to their team.


There are many vacancies for apprenticeships in Lancashire, so make sure you do your research for each one you apply for.

#4 Don’t leave it till last minute

Leaving your application to the last minute means that your application may be rushed, silly mistakes may be made and the best version of yourself will not be put forward. Make sure your application is completed in advance of the deadline date, giving yourself time to change it and correct any mistakes if need be.

#5 Creativity

Some apprenticeships in Lancashire can receive many applications; therefore it’s time to make yourself stand out! Complete the form in as much detail as possible and make sure your personality shines through. Focus on personal achievements, projects that you’ve taken on and activities you’ve been involved in and relate these skills and experiences to your application. Be creative.  Think about what makes you unique, why you are the best person for this apprenticeship and how you can contribute – always play to your strengths!

#6 Social Media

We live in a society where everything is documented on social media. It is known that employees will take a look at your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc) before inviting you to an interview! Think about your online profiles, who can access it and if you are applying for a teaching assistant apprenticeship in Manchester would you be happy for your potential employer to see it. If not, it’s time to clean it up! 

#7 Experience

Experience could be the difference between your application standing out and not. Employee’s love when you have previous experience on your CV, but it doesn’t always have to be work based. For teaching assistant apprenticeships in Manchester, school like applicants who have had previous experience working with children, this may be through volunteering to help out at an afterschool sports clubs or at your local youth club. Experience is key and will help you get one step ahead.

Now you know how to write a winning application, it’s time to get applying! There are many vacancies for apprenticeships in Lancashire on our website right now, so why not take a look and bag your dream apprenticeship today!

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