The advantages of Lancashire apprenticeships

National Apprenticeship Week is here! This has been a full week of cheering on apprenticeships as a fantastic opportunity to get your foot on the career ladder in ways that you might not have imagined! Modern apprenticeships now offer so many more opportunities than you might imagine, like social media marketing courses!

The economic reality of university courses doesn’t currently match up to the idea we hold of graduating from university. Many graduates can find themselves under paid upon graduating, working in positions that do not require a degree qualification.

When the fee difference between a degree and an apprenticeship in Lancashire is factored in, it becomes clearer that apprenticeships are a better choice than ever before. The average student is now set to graduate with a millstone of £44,000 worth of debt, and it’s calculated that many students could still be paying off their loans into their 50s!

Rather than a marketing degree, it’s time to consider social media marketing courses from Aspire!

An apprenticeship gives you plenty of opportunities for growth when compared to university. By integrating into a workplace environment earlier, many experts conclude that you are more likely to push yourself and advance further in your career, rather than indulging in 3 more years of a school life. Engaging in apprenticeships in Lancashire will still give you exciting social opportunities, together with studies to interest you, just within a different context.

An added advantage to choosing a social media marketing course, over a traditional marketing qualification, is that in beginning an apprenticeship, you can assess the landscape of the industry at that time.

Many university students find that once they graduate, what was an industry with many job prospects when they began studying has changed, resulting in lots of qualified youngsters fighting for a few job positions. This, once again, gives the advantage to apprentices, who become part of the industry the day that their apprenticeship begins, instead of having a delay while gaining qualifications.

Not willing to wait around for three years before you can make industry contacts and gain valuable work experience? Dive in to an apprenticeship like a social media marketing course! Modern apprenticeships represent all kinds of industries, including teaching, marketing, events management and more! If you want to discuss your career prospects with our team at Aspire, and find out what opportunities are waiting for you, get in touch through our contact page or social media! Follow #NAW2016 to get all the latest news and updates from National Apprenticeship Week!

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