Choosing your path: is a Manchester apprenticeship right for you?

It can be difficult to picture life after school – whether you’re looking at college, uni, or heading straight into a job, everything is about to change and that means a lot of uncertainty. The bubble of school life can mean that it’s hard to focus on the idea of what happens next, but if you don’t turn your life, it will end up running you!

What are the advantages of apprenticeships in getting you better jobs in Lancashire?

We have reached a point in the development of our society where more people are graduating out of higher education than ever before. For some students, like those enrolled in medical or legal courses, there are elements of work experience incorporated in to the course structure. However, many courses like English and Psychology are purely theoretical and students leave with no experience of being in the workplace.

60% of graduates consider themselves ‘underemployed’, meaning that compared to those in an apprenticeship, the job they are paid to do is not relevant to their area of study.

Graduates often find that by the time they graduate, classmates who chose apprenticeships are not only debt-free, but also higher up the ranks than graduates. Many graduates are forced to seek out unpaid internships in order to get the experience in a professional environment that is necessary once you are out in the big wide world. For apprentices, this puts you way ahead of the pack, with contacts and valuable experience, together with a qualification, that readies you for the workplace in a much better way, and in a way that more employers are finding that they value over theoretical knowledge. This is applicable across the country, not only specific to Lancashire jobs.

If you’re beginning to think that university is not the path that will serve you best in your future career, and you would like to find out more about our apprenticeships in Manchester and across the North West, get in touch with our friendly team! We’re bursting with enthusiasm for our apprenticeship opportunities!

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