Fire Safety Training in Lancashire Can Help You Separate Facts From Myths

Let’s talk about fire safety for just a moment. We all know how important it is to have fire safety procedures in the work place to provide a safe environment for your employees and yourself however, how much do we actually know about fire safety? In a society where health and safety regulations in the work place are being spoken about more often, it is difficult to tell which fire safety regulations are important requirements for your work place and what are myths.

One thing is for sure; having Fire Safety Training in Lancashire will help you learn the facts. From small work spaces to large ones, work place fire safety needs to be clear…

Myth #1: Once alarms and fire extinguishers initially have been fitted, your work place no longer has to worry about them. 

Fact:  Alarms, fire extinguishers and other fire equipment must all be professional installed and tested. This should be in accordance with regulations and appropriate to your surroundings. This equipment should then be checked on a regular basis, allowing them to be kept in good working order.  If your organisation employs five people or more, you must document maintenance, inspections and service in a Fire Log Book.

Myth #2: If you employ fewer than 5 people then you do not have to have fire regulations in place.

Fact: If you own a business and you are responsible for somewhere where people other than family members and friends can visit, then you are required to do a fire risk assessment and act accordingly on your findings. If you need to know the fire safety regulations to reduce the risk of a fire starting on your premises, then Aspire have fire safety training in Lancashire. This will allow you to know your responsibilities and requirements to make it a safe working environment.

Myth #3: A fire alarm will provide enough protection.

Fact: In reality, a fire alarm will provide you an early warning to a fire incident and will save lives, but will do nothing to slow down or extinguish a growing fire. Therefore, other fire safety equipment is vital for the workplace during an emergency to help combat the real danger.

Fire Safety Training in Manchester will teach you how to use the fire equipment to help save lives.


Myth #4: People always become panicked in a fire.

Fact: The common misconception is that during a fire, people will begin to panic and act irrationally. However, research suggests that this is the opposite and more frequently than not, people make rational decisions and remain calm and level-headed. Having fire safety training in Lancashire will help you improve the efficiency of evacuation and help your employees continue to be rational in what could be an unsettling situation.

Myth #5: A fire will not spread in a concrete building

Fact: Concrete is more fire resistant than other structures made of either steel or wood, but it is not immune to fire. Fire will weaken the concrete structure in the event of a fire, therefore knowing fire regulations and having a fire protection system in place is vital in all buildings for the safety of the workplace.

Fact: Education is the way forward.

Fire Safety Training in Lancashire can help you learn the facts and become that responsible and competent individual to lead the work place in times of emergency, but also make sure you are working in accordance to the law. Now is the time.  Aspire have various courses available for Fire Safety Training in Manchester and in the North West. Not only that, Aspire has various apprenticeship vacancies in Manchester, so why don't you take a look! 

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