How can your business benefit from Manchester business admin apprentices?

How can your business benefit from Manchester business admin apprentices?

This week is National Apprenticeship Week – a week organised by government organisation Apprenticeships to sing the praises of modern apprenticeships, and to correct some of the misinformation that’s out there!

Up and down the country, positions like Manchester business admin apprenticeships are being filled with new learners excited to add to a business. The advantages that an apprentice gets from an apprenticeship are clear – particularly in areas like management apprenticeships, but why is it such a fantastic opportunity for business owners and companies?

  • More highly skilled and qualified staff – apprentices are always training and learning, and not only do you have the opportunity to mould a member of staff into the highly valued, useful person you would like to see in your company, they bring their knowledge to the role as they progress through their course.
  • More confident and motivated workforce – adding apprentices to your payroll, whether that is to fill a management apprenticeship, or a teacher training apprenticeship, your people are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities in their career.
  • Enhanced productivity and employee engagement – when you invest in young people, and provide opportunities like business admin apprenticeships, not only is the apprentice anxious to make a great impact on your business, but other employees get a reflected benefit from your investment in both the business, and in the staff.


Management Apprenticeships in Stockport, Manchester and across the North West can boost your business!

80% of companies report that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover

96% of employers recommend employing an apprentice

The average apprentice increases business productivity by £214 per week

80% of employers believe apprenticeships make them more competitive.

Of the employers that we have apprenticeship arrangements with, we asked a few people what they had made of the effects that apprentices from Aspire had had to their company life, and the response was wholly positive.

“I have had a really positive experience using Aspire to recruit an apprentice for our school. The process was very well managed and the quality of the candidates short listed and prepared for interview were excellent.”

“The in house training provided by Aspire was of a high standard and enabled our apprentice not only to complete a successful apprenticeship and be a very effective member of our team.”

For any further information on the high calibre of learners that we could match to a management apprenticeship in Stockport and across the North West, get in touch with our team today! Getting involved in National Apprenticeship Week can open so many doors for your business! Check in with the hashtag #NAW2016 on social media to join in the buzz!

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