How To Survive Your First Day At Your New Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship. Manchester

There’s no doubt about it, your first day at a new teaching assistant apprenticeship Manchester can be nerve-wracking. Remember, the hard part is over- you’ve already aced the interview and they’ve offered you a job! Want to start your first day on the right foot? There are a few things that you need to remember to make a good first impression to your boss and colleagues….


ONE | Dress appropriately

When attending the interview for a teaching assistant apprenticeship, Manchester it allowed you to get a good idea of the dress code at your new job. If your still unsure, why not send over a quick email and ask, there’s no harm in doing so. Get your outfit ready the night before, so you’re not rushing in the morning and wear something that you’ve worn before that you know is comfortable. Your first day is not the day to break in a new pair of shoes! Make sure you outfit is comfortable and appropriate for Lancashire apprenticeships!

TWO | Don’t be late

Being punctual is always important, but even more so on your first day! You don’t want to leave a bad impression on your first day for being late. Why not plan your route to work before your due to start and test it out! Find out where you’re going to be working, how long it takes to get there on your chosen transport, but also leave plenty of spare time in case there are any unexpected traffic problems. 


THREE | Smile

When you’re in a situation that makes your nervous, it’s easy to forget to smile! Everyone has been in your position before, so they will be understanding about how you might feel on your first day, but remember you were hired for a reason, so don’t let your nerves take over completely!  The best way to make a good first impression is to smile and be friendly; make good eye contact when you are introduced to your new work colleagues. 


FOUR | Ask questions

On your first day, it will be explained what is expected from you and what your role entails. Make sure you have a notebook to jot down any information that you see as important and ask questions about anything you’re unsure of! This is your first day of your teaching assistant apprenticeship, Manchester; your employers don’t expect you to know everything already, if there is anything that you are unsure of, simply ask! Asking is always better than assuming. Your first day is the perfect time to ask any questions about your new role. 


DON’T | Classic mistakes you should avoid on your first day

  1. Being late on your first day (and late the days after)
  2. Your new employers might be quite strict on personal phone, so I’d keep it at the bottom of your bag and out of sight! Don’t be caught whatsapping or checking twitter, it will create a bad impression.
  3. Don’t be sprinting out of the door as soon as school’s finished on your first day, you’ll look to eager to leave. Why not linger, finish the work you were doing and see what time your colleagues leave – you don’t want to be first out the door on your first day!
  4. Chatting too much! Sure, you want to get to know you colleagues and I’m sure that they will want to get to know you too, but you also need to show you are serious about work. Show your personality and work hard, show your employers and colleagues why it was a good idea to hire you! 


It’s Time To Start Appling for Lancashire Apprenticeships!

Now you know what to do on your first day of your teaching assistant apprenticeship in Manchester, it's time to take it back to the beginning! So, how do you apply for a teaching assistant apprenticeship, Manchester in the first place? Well, it’s easy. Here at Aspire Education we have various Lancashire apprenticeships currently available! Visit our vacancy page today to see what Lancashire apprenticeships vacancies we have for you. Your dream apprenticeship could be just around the corner!

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