Jobs in Lancashire: 9 reasons an apprenticeship is the way to go!

To celebrate the 9th National Apprenticeship Week, we have put together 9 unbeatable reasons why you can’t do better than an apprenticeship from Aspire, to access the best Lancashire jobs!


1)      Show me the money – As well as earning while you learn, the clear advantage of using an apprenticeship to progress to Lancashire jobs is that you don’t have to take on huge amounts of debt like a student! Although it might seem that comparatively apprenticeship wages are low, the reality of many Liverpool apprenticeships is that if you impress your employer, they may offer you more than the position is advertised for!


2)      Support and advice – All Aspire tutors visit you at your place of work, to ensure that you don’t have to miss more training and experience than is necessary – and it saves you a trip to college! Our staff our trained to be supportive, and to make the course fit your needs rather than the other way around!


3)      Supersize your CV – There’s nothing like experience and having made a difference to an organisation to make your CV scream ‘employable’! Added to this, after completing apprenticeships in Liverpool and the North West, most apprentices remain with the company who trained them, at a rate of up to 90%. This means that apprentices work as a means of gaining access to some of the best positions in Lancashire.


4)      Get in the know – While it may not be something you consider before taking up an apprentice position, one of the key roles that an apprenticeship provides, is access to industry professionals. Need references? Ask your boss from your apprenticeship. Need to get in touch with a great manager? See if anyone you trained with has a number for you. It’s all about who you know, and the more experience you have, the better set you are for the world of work.


5)      Fantastic experience – Not only do you get supported training and qualifications, within a structured programme, but the amount of time that you spend in a real work environment is invaluable experience for life.


6)      Fly high up the ranks – You may be starting at the bottom, but everyone has to start somewhere. You don’t have to stop at the Intermediate apprenticeship, progress on to Level 3, and continue to climb! To have a foot in the industry at such an early stage in your career is a huge benefit, and puts you ahead of the game. Many Managing Directors began in your position, so keep your eyes on the prize and make the most of your apprenticeship to give you a step up in Lancashire jobs.


7)      Become an essential cog – Forget brew duty and filing, when you take on an apprenticeship in Liverpool or across Lancashire, provided by Aspire, you get real experience that makes a real difference to your future. Recruiting an apprentice is not only cost-effective for companies, but you also get to develop your chosen career, and find skills you didn’t know you had!


8)      A nationally recognised qualification - Along with a fantastic hands on experience, there are 3 different levels of qualification to which you can aspire with apprenticeships!


9)      We put our money where our mouth is! - At Aspire it isn’t just that we can talk the talk – we walk the walk! 20% of our staff is taken on from our Aspire2Work course, which means we know how much courses and apprenticeships in Manchester can turn your life around!

Whether you opt for an apprenticeship in Liverpool or across the rest of Lancashire, make sure you get Aspired.

To find out how we can help you, or what vacancies we have currently, get in touch with our team! You can find us through our contact page, or on social media!


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