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Tuesday March 1st 2016

Interview Hacks: Success with jobs in Lancashire!

It can be daunting when you’re forging your career path, especially in a competitive market. It has never been more important to make a great first impression when putting yourself forward for Lancashire jobs. Luckily for you, we’ve put together some of the best hacks you can utilize to make a great impression when you interview for jobs across the county!
Friday February 26th 2016

Personal Trainer Qualifications in Stockport and Manchester – what do you need to know?

Find out everything you need to know about Personal Trainer qualifications and achieve your dream of getting into Personal Training in Lancashire.
Wednesday February 17th 2016

Is an Apprenticeship in Lancashire the right step for your child?

Deciding what to do when they leave school is one of the biggest choices your child will make. How can you best help them? By keeping yourself informed of all the options that they have at their disposal. This will ensure that your child can have the pick of jobs in Lancashire.
Friday February 12th 2016

The media industry is embracing apprenticeships in Manchester!

Recently there have been plenty of headlines outlining the cross-industry phenomenon of businesses choosing to hire apprentices in Manchester and across the nation, rather than choosing their graduate counterparts.
Tuesday February 2nd 2016

CV success for applying to Apprenticeships Manchester!

It is extremely beneficial to have a second set of eyes review your application materials. Someone who can tell you that your CV looks good—except for that part where you misspelled your own name (FYI, you can check that, too!). Or that your writing sample is impressive, but that it would be even better if you used the correct version of “their.”
Friday January 22nd 2016

Embracing 2016: do you want to switch careers with the help of apprenticeships Manchester?

Whether it’s been coming on for a while and something small has pushed you over the edge, or whether it’s more a case of new year, new start, lots of people find themselves looking for work in the New Year.
Wednesday January 20th 2016

LinkedIn Profile Tips: Are You Ticking the Right Boxes to get jobs Lancashire?

Love it or hate it, social media has undoubtedly become a huge part of modern day life. However, the power of these online forums isn’t limited to liking, tweeting and sharing, they are also revolutionising the way we apply for jobs.
Friday January 15th 2016

Top 10 worst health and safety myths - don’t let them put you off great first aid training Manchester!

There are no shortage of what seem like crazy decisions being blamed on health and safety. It’s everyone’s favourite pastime to berate Health and Safety officials for outlawing or banning what seem like safe and every day activities. But most of them are just rumours or hear say!
Friday January 8th 2016

New Year, New Career – you could be a personal fitness trainer in Bury!

January is the season of new beginnings – people all over the world are giving up chocolate and bad habits! But why not make a real change for the new year?
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