Learner Wellbeing


Equality and Diversity 

  • Aspire Education is committed to treating everyone fairly. we respect and value the diversity of our learners, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, employers and all other people, we work with.
  • We strive to create a positive working environment to support learning and improve employment opportunities where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • We will challenge any instance of inequality and will anticipate and respond positively to the different needs and circumstances so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Learning and working environment 

For learners: We have an Anti Bullying Policy for learners which sets out types of behaviour which is unacceptable and procedures which will be followed to respond to complaints and/or concerns and how people involved will be supported.
Where learners are following work-based training in employment, they will also be subject to their employer’s disciplinary procedure(s).
For employees: We have a  Equality and Diversity Policy for employees which explains how issues of bullying and harassment and complaints of this type will be dealt with.
For employers: We expect employers to have in place and to communicate procedures that deal with staff bullying, harassment, unacceptable behaviour and disciplinary.

We will:

  • Make reasonable and practicable adjustments to enable individuals to participate in learning or work. Where this is not feasible, we will identify alternative options/solutions
  • Consult with and involve individuals on their experience of learning and working with Aspire 
  • Embed equality impact evaluation into key business projects, critical policies and procedures, and business improvement processes
  • Create and maintain effective partnerships with employers, suppliers, and partners and ensure that they support our commitment to equality and diversity