Information, Advice and Guidance


We aim to promote career and life opportunities for our learners. Throughout the learner’s journey, our tutors will support the economic and social well-being of our learners and the local communities. We are committed to continuously invest in developing a diverse, skilled, talented and productive workforce, and an environment where learners are proud and want to complete their education programmes.  
 We seek to ensure that our IAG supports learners and colleagues in protecting themselves from harassment, bullying, and discrimination, including those colleagues who are based with employers and at other external sites. Through effective IAG, we work hard to prepare our learners for a successful life in modern Britain.
It is our intention that IAG is delivered in a way which is compliant with the Prevent duty and observant of effective Safeguarding practice, promoting:
 “democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs”. Ofsted

Our tutors will

  •  Encourage all customers to be open and confident about their learning needs, providing the opportunity to disclose any learning difficulties/disabilities with their tutor. 
  •  Review the individual learner’s needs that are identified at the start of their course and provide appropriate resources and/or strategies to respond to those needs effectively.
  •  Monitor the learner’s progress of achievement through assessment, planning, and review.
  •  Ensure that support is not restricted to educational needs but seeks to consider personal, emotional and social.
  •  Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that the customer’s needs are met at every stage of their learning. 
  •  Seek specialist help if needed and signpost to specialist providers.

 Our Commitment 

Aspire Education Academy is committed to creating an IAG experience for our customers that is
  • Aspirational, designed to inspire and motivate.
  •  Personalised to suit the student. 
  • Planned to guide customers on to the right course of action and to support and stretch them.
  • Developing self-confidence. 
  • Coaching them to be successful and progress on to their next steps.
  • Supports Safeguarding Excellent practice and embraces the Prevent duty.

We are committed to developing quality IAG provision in the agreement with our partners, to ensure that the best range of progression opportunities are available, and that consistency of delivery ensures all  of our customers receive impartial, high-quality IAG